The Ultimate Water sports nose plugs


Finally, some relief for active water sports enthusiasts who are subject to repeated sinusitis!

Swimming and other water-related activities are excellent ways to get the physical activity needed for a healthy life, and millions of people enjoy oceans, lakes, rivers, pools, and spas each year. However, it is important to be aware of ways to prevent water-related adverse health events.


Sinus Saver is an innovative new kind of nasal protection invented by a California surfer in his quest to find relief from recurrent sinus infections and chronic sinusitis caused by water entering his nasal passages and sinus cavities while surfing.  Conventional nose clips, which squeeze onto the outside of the nose, were not helpful, because they came off while duck - diving powerful waves.  After an exhaustive and unsuccessful search for a more effective option, he created the Sinus Saver Ultimate Water Sports Nose Plugs.


The Sinus Saver plugs fit snugly into the nasal cavity effectively blocking water from entering the nasal passages.


The nose plug consists of two flexible cups connected by a narrow bridging band. It is made of high-grade medical grade silicone, which will not dissolve, shrink, or break during normal use.  The cups at each end are inserted into the nose, leaving only the bridging band exposed. This extremely low profile makes the nose plug barely noticeable when worn and significantly reduces the chances of it coming off when hit by water. 

The cups are soft, pliable, odorless and comfortable to wear. Their softness and pliability minimizes potential injury in case of collision with surfboards and wakeboards.


The Sinus Saver Ultimate Water Sports Nose Plugs were invented specifically for use in active or extreme water sports and swimming. 


Currently available in Large, Medium, Small, and Extra Small Sizes.